Permanent Dipliner & Eyeliner

      Permanent dipliner makes the eyelash darker and adds depth effect for your look.

Eyeliner is thicker than dipliner, applies on the eyelid. You can specify the thickness on your own desire.

What is the duration of persistence of Eyeliner / Dipliner applications? Is one application sufficient?

The ink that we will use on the procedure is not chemical and no harm on human health. Pregnant women must consult their doctors about the procedure.

Eyeliner / Dipliner uygulamalarının kalıcılık süresi ne kadar? Tek uygulama yeterli oluyor mu?

The procedure last approximately 3 or 4 years, varies with the type of skin. If necessary retouch can be applied within a month.You feel no pain during procedure and you can carry on your life normally after the procedure.

Are there any problems for pregnant and nursing mothers?

There may be swelling for the people who has delicate skin but it vanishes 2-3 hours later after the procedure.

Are there any pain sensations during the procedure and swelling etc?

Uygulama sırasında kullanılan güçlü anestezik kremler sayesinde herhangi bir acı hissi yaşanmaz. İşlem sonrasında hassas cilt tipine bağlı hafif bir şişme olabilir. 2-3 saat içerisinde inmeye başlar. Günlük hayatınıza kaldığınız yerden devam edebilirsiniz.

Things to consider after the process

After procedure you cannot put water application area. We don’t suggest swimming, solarium and sauna 1 week after procedure. You can apply pomade cream in case of dryness and incrustation.