Permanent Lash Line enhancement & Eyeliner application

      Permanent lash line procedure makes eyelashes look darker and brings out the shape of the eyes, increasing the depth of the look.

Eyeliner is thicker than the lash line treatment and applied on the eyelid. You can specify the thickness of this line depending on your own desire.

What is the duration of persistence of Eyeliner / lash line applications? Is one application sufficient?

The procedure lasts approximately 3 or 4 years, varying depending on the type of skin. If necessary, retouch may be applied within a month of the first treatment. You will feel no pain during the procedure due to the use numbing creams and you can carry on your life normally straight after the procedure.

Are there any problems for pregnant women and nursing mothers?

The ink used during this procedure has no chemicals inside hence no harm to human health. Pregnant women must consult their doctors before receiving this procedure.

Is there any pain, sensations and swellings during or after the procedure?

Numbing creams are used before the procedure so there will be no pain during this process however there might be slight swelling after the procedure on sensitive skin which will disappear within 2-3 hours following the treatment. You may carry on with your normal activities after the treatment.

Things to consider after the process:

After this procedure water must be avoided on and around the treated area. Swimming, solarium and sauna activities are not advised at least one week following the procedure. You can apply pomade cream in case of dryness and incrustation.

Treatment of dark circles under eye

How to get rid of dark circles under eyes? Lots of people who suffer from chronic exhaustion and chronic dark circles under their eye area would like to find an answer to this problem.
This is a common skin problem occurring in men and women. We can resolve this problem with permanent make-up within four sessions. During or following these sessions clients will experience no infection, no bleeding and no incrustation thus making this treatment very popular. Within the first three days of the treatment swelling may occur but it will disappear. The ink we use during this procedure does not contain any chemicals hence no harm is made to human health.

Hair Simulation & Scalp treatments

Hair simulation also known as hair micro pigmentation or hair tattoo, is a non-surgical anti-baldness procedure. In this procedure, we can apply micropigments over the bald area faking real hair.
This method is effective when local baldness and alopecia need to be camouflaged. Best results are achieved with short hair.
Procedure time depends on the size of the bald area from 30 min to three hours. After the procedure, you can carry on your life as normal. You can wash your hair during the day. This method lasts approximately up to four years.
This method is applied in a very sterile environment and the needles are sterile and only used once and binned after the procedure. The ink used in hair simulation has no harm to human health.