BB Skin & BB Glow

BB Glow is a procedure which is known also known as permanent foundation in our country is used to give the skin a glowing look since it helps with hiding acne scars and other spots around the face.

This procedure is carried out with specialised herbal serums and specialised machines, similar to permanent make up equipment, where herbal serums are applied to the skin. These specialised BB Glow serums help naturalise the loose radicals in the skin, reduce the melanin contents without expose the skin to UV rays. This procedure provides the skin with a foundation affect where the skin colour is lightened by a tone and lasts about a year. The body absorbs the serum over time and this is how it loses its affect by the end of first year.

BB glow is applied to skin in three sessions with 10 day intervals.

The effects of BB Glow serums:

- Moisturises the skin
- Reduces the spots
- Brightens the skin including the eye area
- Smooths the skin
- Reduces the scars
- Evens the skin tone
- Reduces the fine wrinkles
- Reduces the unwanted colours caused by capillaries

More facts about this procedure:

- Serums do not contain any ordinary foundation or chemicals
- BB glow serums are based on herbal products
- This treatment is there for both male and female clients
- It gives the skin its natural colour adding more glow and glam
- It is suitable to use around darkened eye area and it is effective
- This is not a permanent make up pigment
- A range of serums used suitable to different skin types
- The procedure should only be carried by those who have done the necessary training
- This treatment is suitable for any age group who has uneven skin tonnes, acne scars and sun related skin problems
- The procedure could be carried out at any season
- It is a painless procedure
- It is water resistant so the client can continue with everyday life
- If the client is planning to have a filling or Botox treatment BB glow procedure should be carried out first
- It is not advised to apply laser application to the skin where BB glow has been applied for minimum of four months from the last session of BB glow procedure
- After the BB glow treatment, client needs to protect the skin from the sun and our specialists will provide you with the information of after care and products
- After permanent foundation treatment, it is not advised to have aggressive skin treatments such as peelings at least for a month
- It is not advised to expose the skin to water straight after the treatment at least 24 hours