Eyebrow Vitamine

What Is Eyebrow Vitamine?

    Eyebrow vitamine is a serum that protects eyebrows from bad conditions such as stress, pollution, bad weather, unstable nutrition, wrong cosmetics usage, medicine and diseases. You may be genetically prone to fall out your eyebrows. Eyebrow vitamine is effective to that situation as well.

How to Apply Eyebrow Vitamin?

    Eyebrow vitamine applies 30 min long and you feel no pain during the procedure. This procedure can be repeated 4-5 seance varying the person’s situation. Each seance is applied within 2 weeks seperation. During the procedure, unwanted eyebrows can be cleaned. Eyebrow vitamine combines with Dermapen for having the greatest effect. Eyebrow vitamine can be applied anybody and has no side effects.

    The order of the eyebrow vitamin is as follows;
    - Firstly, the areas to be filled in the stamp; face shape, structure and person's wishes.
    - It is applied superficially with the help of dermapen.
    - Eyebrow vitamin sessions are performed with 2-week sessions. At the end of this period, the protection sessions are supported.
    - Cleaning of bristles that will not be used as determined during sessions
    - After all the sessions are finished and the desired result is reached, the forming process is repeated.
    - Each session lasts half an hour.

Who Is Applied to Eyebrow Vitamin?

    The application of eyebrows is applied to everyone with eyebrow root. Since it does not have a side effect, it is preferred by most people. It is an ideal technique especially for people who have spills on eyebrows and sparse eyebrows.