Duration :1 Day (Between 11 AM & 5 PM)
Program Contents: Workplace Preparation, Medical Consultation, Hygiene, Skin Anatomy, Microneedling Usage Areas, Proper Usage of Tools, Proper Care After BB Glow & BB Skin process
This program includes:This program includes: Fery Academy BB Skin Certificate, Dermapen (Microneedling Device), BB Skin Solution, Program Materials

Dark Circles Under Eyes Treatment Education

Duration :2 Day
Program Contents: - 1 Day Theoretical Info
- 1 Day Application with a Model
Program Contents: Skin Knowledge – Melanin Knowledge – Pigmentology - Live Application on a Model
Equipments : Fery PMU Device, Needles, Medical Pigment, Anaesthetic Cream

Eyebrow Training :4 Days Eyebrow
Lip / Eyeliner Training : 3 Days Lip and Eyeliner
Eyebrow Education Content : Anatomy Visage, Theoretical info, 3D Argil Technique, Ombre Powder Technique, Pigmentology, Lip Drawing with Charcoal, Application with Latex, Application with Live Models

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